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The biggest life transformations rarely happen without the support of friends, family, and community. The Real Life Nutrition membership is an active community of people just like you, looking to maximize their odds of achieving their health goals.

Your Real Life Nutrition membership includes everything you can find here, and all the new content yet to come. Everything here will be archived giving you easy access as long as you keep your membership active.

Your new journey starts here. Introduce yourself to the RLN family and get acquainted with the group. Discussions, announcements, questions, and more are part of our Community forum.

RLN Community

Welcome to the community! You’re now a part of a group focused on the same thing – living the best life possible. To get the most out of your membership introduce yourself and share your challenges, successes, and offer the same support you want.

Meal Plans

Take the thinking, guessing, and planning out of your meals with RLN meal plans. Your meal plans include shopping lists, recipes, and a beautiful picture of the finished meal. Most plans also account for allergies and food sensitivities.


Looking for that perfect recipe to meet your unique dietary needs? Look no further. Look through the RLN recipe archive to find the perfect recipe and ingredients.


Educational Videos

The RLN education videos are here to keep you up to date with latest in diet science. Because new studies come out all of the time, and they seem to conflict, it’s hard to know what’s what. Robin is here to make sense of all the information.


RLN workshops take a deep dive into the most common and challenging conditions our members are facing. Topics include diabetes, prediabetes, and other autoimmune issues.


Ready for a challenge? Group challenges are always the most successful challenges. You get the connection, support, and accountability needed to help get you to your goal.

This Month’s Giveaways

We told you you’re going to get some giveaways. No need to do anything. Because you’re a member you’re automatically entered into each month’s giveaway. 


Monthly Live Q&A

Members have questions and Robin wants to answer them. This is the place where you can add the RLN live Q&A to your calendar. We’ll cover different topics each month. You can send your topic-based question to Robin before the session and there will be time for follow up questions during the live session.