Real Life Nutrition 


Virginia B.

In late 2018 my health was very poor and had been for decades. I was symptomatic for Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with hypothyroidism. I had significant joint pain from osteoarthritis and severe fatigue, muscle pain, and brain fog from fibromyalgia. I had recently had a sigmoidectomy because of the damage done to my gastrointestinal tract over the years from Celiac disease that went undiagnosed for most of my life. My C Reactive Protein was sky high, and I had high cholesterol. My A1C was in the "pre-diabetic" range. On top of all that, I had severe iron deficiency anemia that was resistant to therapy including three IV iron infusions. I honestly had started to believe that I was on my way out. I thought that maybe I had some genetic switch that had flipped, and I could no longer absorb and metabolize iron properly.

Having been diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010 I knew what a difference a gluten free diet had made in my life. Despite my health being poor, it was so much worse when I was still eating gluten. I thought that perhaps my other ailments might be dietary-related or exacerbated by my dietary choices, and I never want to require a bowel resection again. I never got the impression from any physician that they knew very much about nutrition. I wanted an expert.

(I did an) Internet search for dieticians in Little Rock. I looked at websites and chose Robin based on a philosophy more closely aligned with mine. Her website discussed improved health. Most of the websites focused on quick weight loss schemes and diets I considered to be pure quackery.

Life is much improved over the last 2 years. I think some dietary changes have helped reduce inflammation which has helped tremendously with my thyroid issues, arthritis, and fibromyalgia. My C Reactive Protein is much lower, my cholesterol and A1C are lower. The best news is, the last few times I have had blood work to check my RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit, my iron levels have been high enough that I could be a blood donor.

Assessing my nutrient deficiencies and food sensitivities went a long way in improving my autoimmune conditions. Getting involved with the Shred10 program fine-tuned the progress that had already been made. I have benefited not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. It is hard to have a good outlook on life when you feel ill and are in pain all the time.

The fact that you have a very intuitive approach and an individualized program that focused on good health more than a low BMI. The "one-size-fits-all" program was never going to work with me. Your intelligence, knowledge, and critical thinking skills enabled me to find all the pieces of the puzzle that is my crazy immune system. I am confident that I can trust your advice.

I absolutely would recommend that others work with you without hesitation. I have told several people with crashing health issues that they need to come see you. Your focus on integrative and functional medicine is exactly what they need to get them on the path to wellness.

Robin Reynolds is not only an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled dietician, but she is also very personable and exudes empathy and caring. She has a wonderful rapport with her clients that makes it easier to develop and implement a health plan to help her clients achieve their wellness goals.


Rich G. Mr_Kidney

When I first met R. I had just lost 146 pounds and was told I could also stop all medications for T2D (type 2 diabetes). That same day another physician informed me that I had CKD (chronic kidney disease). I met a nephrologist and found out about CKD, did a lot of research on CKD and learned that most of the food I had switched to in order to lose the weight were not ideal for someone in Stage 3 of CKD. I also had hypertension and was able to control that with exercise, medication, and again, proper eating.

 I was a bit confused at this point and learned at a class about kidney disease that a renal dietitian would be able to help me learn what to eat, portion control, and in general do all that I could to slow the progression of CKD.

I live in a small, rural town and had to search outside my area. I found out that R. was about an hour and forty-five minutes from me. I called, explained what help I needed, and we made an appointment to meet.

At diagnosis, my GFR (kidney function) was at 32 (normal is >60).  Since then, I've had it as high as 65, but more importantly my average over the last few years has my GFR averaging 53. I have an exercise regimen, follow the meal plan we developed, control both my T2D and HBP. My last A1c was 4.7 and the two before that were 5.4 and 5.1. My last GFR was 58 and my last 30 days of blood pressure readings were 123/74. My wife and I will be fully vaccinated this month, and this fall we will resume our RV traveling. Since I met R. we have spent a summer in Minnesota, traveled to Colorado and New Mexico, and like many others hunkered down during the pandemic. I do a lot of walking, ride my bike and in general enjoy my retirement all while following my kidney-friendly meal plan.

The biggest benefit for me was to learn that my healthcare is up to me. I put together a Care Team of medical professionals that are open and honest and that when they provide me with their best medical advice, they accept my treatment decision and work with my other doctors to make it happen. I know longer worry about my blood labs as I know I'm doing things the right way. The fact that I'm now eating properly and enjoying myself is a great feeling. I was right when I was a kid, wax beans, green peas, and Brussel Sprouts are not good (for me).

Working with R. was a great experience because she took the time originally to explain to my wife and I about the right foods to eat and the portion size. I eat well, stick to the plan and share important results with her and always receive positive encouragement in return.

Positively (would recommend working with R). I work with an online forum for folks with kidney disease and I'm constantly sharing my research and experience with folks that just received a CKD diagnosis and need to find someone who can help them develop a kidney-friendly meal plan. I would love to be able recommend her services to anyone who needs the help. These folks are scattered around the USA. Anything else you think is important to mention? Following a kidney-friendly meal plan is an important part of slowing the progression of CKD. It's not a diet, but part of a series of lifestyle changes that are needed. R. helped me to realize that and for that I'm grateful beyond belief.


Shelly Bixler, Business Executive

Needed improvement - high blood pressure and thyroid issues were affected by my weight. Knew I needed help changing my diet to change my health.

(Referred by) Primary care physician - Anna Kendrick, Internal Medicine. I have changed my eating habits and type of food I eat. I feel so much better after 60 days of following Robin's suggestions. Lowered bad cholesterol 30 points, reduced A1C, and inflammation in 30 days.

Robin listened and understood my particular health challenges and how they effected my weight. She is deeply knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience to share.

(Would you recommend that others work with me?) Absolutely! I have already referred friends to Robin. Most successful health improvement plan I have ever done. If you are interested in long term health improvements that you can make in real life, call Robin.


Connie Toney

I was in poor physical and mental health, and not managing my chronic diseases very well. I needed someone to give me more direct guidance and to help me overcome the cycle of failure.

I found you online, but I actually met with several others before I decided on you based on your profile. I've just become a cancer survivor, but I'm doing better. I'm ready to rebuild my health!

 I've learned more about managing and controlling my blood sugar through the hands-on tools that you've introduced, including charts, Better App, and supplements. I've learned more about how my "conditions" affect my weight and health, and that the scales do not determine success. I've learned, through your online group support, how to plan meals based on "what I like" and still eat healthy.

You are so personable and understanding that I feel like I'm sitting down with a VERY knowledgeable friend. I feel that you are interested in "what's eating me" and we can talk about the obstacles that have impeded my success in the past. You helped me to understand that OUR goal is to improve my health rather than reaching a magical number on the scale.

I would highly recommend that others work with you because you care, and because you don't expect your clients to take a meal plan and walk the journey alone. I'm so glad that I found you, and grateful for where I am on this journey!


Rita T.

I was having issues with inflammation and more importantly, my depression was negatively affecting how I viewed myself and my eating choices. My family doctor recommended I see you because of my pre-diabetes.

Things were going really well. I had lost weight, was feeling a lot better, then the pandemic hit, and I lost focus and motivation. However, you have been there for me and really encourage me in this journey. Took the MRT/LEAP test and changed what I eat. My physical and mental health are better, and L gained a friend and cheerleader. The level of concern and your personal investment in me.

Absolutely (would recommend). You are an excellent dietician. You personalize everything. You do not give “canned” advice or guidance. What you tell me is focused on my needs. You are not only an encourager, but you do not let your patients get away with not taking responsibility for their own health. I have run the gamut of emotions during this journey, and you have refused to let me give up.


Stevie Cherepski

I was overweight, high A1C, fatigue and lack of stamina.  (Was looking for) Help change my eating lifestyle not only to lose weight, but lower A1C and improve cholesterol lab work. I had attended some nutrition classes at Maumelle on the Lake that Robin taught.

Robin is one of the best medical professionals that I’ve ever had the pleasure to experience in my health care! She has literally helped change my eating and hopefully extended my longevity of life.  My lab work including my A1C is much better. I am now receiving care by a hematologist to treat the hemochromatosis which she found in reviewing my health DNA. My fatigue and stamina is improving.

Robin combines a personal yet very professional tough love approach to her practice. She knows labs as they relate to diet like no one else I’ve experienced. I would definitely recommend Robin to anyone needing a dietician! I will forever be grateful for my life changing experience with Robin.


Rick Runnells

My eGFR was 32 and had been falling for eight straight months. My kidneys were failing rapidly! My Nephrologist gave me now hope. He told me I was not a transplant candidate and that I would not do well on dialysis. He gave me NO HOPE whatsoever!

My cousin Dr. Raines Chaffin found you for me because I had told him I was researching and trying to find help! You gave me hope! I had a miraculous turn around with my kidney function and I attribute that to you and my desire to follow your advice and direction. I was not your patient; I was your friend whom you were trying to help, and you did.

You’re brilliant and forceful. You have a plan, and it works! (Would recommend) Hell YES! You can save lives! You saved mine! I will shout from the rooftops to all who will listen! You change lives by instilling hope, and you do it with compassion.


Pascal L.

After receiving vaccinations for my safari in Africa, my body was in complete disarray. I had never had any noticeable health issues before in my life, and this was the start of a long journey back to health. Robin has been essential for me in this journey. I consider her my advocate and liaison between doctors, specialists, and key professional in my recovery.

I was finally diagnosed with Celiac disease. At the advice of my doctor, to have a well-rounded team around me, Robin was recommended. At this point on my road back to health I was willing to try every option available, and boy has Robin made a difference in my life! The doctor's recommendation? - the wisest advice I ever received.

My blood work went from 'in the toilet' to overall back in target range. With Robin's guidance, I have learned how to manage my Celiac and am happy to say I have stabilized and/or improved my overall health. Robin recommends and analyzes my blood tests and according to the outcome, advises me on which vitamins and supplements I need to add to my daily routine. I was ultimately diagnosed with 3 autoimmune diseases, and Robin has patiently taught me how to successfully handle each and every one of them.

(Things I learned from Robin) 1) Learn to listen to my body and recognize its signals and alarms when something is awry. 2) Ask why.... a lot! Along with how, where, when - be in charge of my own health and have an active voice in the process. 3) Not every day might be a glorious one, but there are always many things to be grateful for. She makes me focus on the big picture, not a temporary setback. There are many more, but these 3 key benefits were the first ones that came to mind. No one knows (besides Robin) or cares about my health and lives with health consequences like I do. Robin encouraged me to take charge!

Not only is Robin an advocate for her clients, but she also encourages, provides simple and effective solutions, is dedicated and above all, I feel like I have gained a friend. Not only would I recommend, but I HAVE recommended Robin to many friends and family. So far, 5 have become clients, all sing praises about Robin and have seen changes in their personal road to health as well.